Friday, August 3, 2012

The Search For The New Blog Name!

So I'd like to change the blog title to reflect the changes happening in my life after the wedding. I have no idea what to call it. I'd like to name it something associated with my new name as it will become an update for what's going on in our new family together. I'm asking you for suggestions. Here is some info to help you think of a fun new name. King will be my new last name, so some cute pun/saying involving the word king would be great or with our names Brittany and Andrew, our new joint email account is so maybe something like that. I want something unique and fun. Please help me out!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Dave is clever with things like this, so I set him on this task. Here are his ideas:

    Pair of Kings
    Prior to Being a King...
    I was a Prior in a King Life - He thought this one was great, I'm not so sure.

    I vote for Prior to Being a King.