Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kanaan's Kidney and Dietician Update!

Thursday, January 23 Kanaan had an apointment with Dr. Cox his dietician. Our regular pediatrician was concerned that Kanaan's weight gain was really slowing down and wanted us to see the dietician. He should be gaining about 1oz/day and Kanaan was only gaining 3oz/2weeks. Dr. Cox recommended that we change to the Dr. Brown's bottles. They are designed to prevent, colic, spit up, and gas. Kanaan doesn't have problems with gas anymore. Most babies grow out of that around 3 months anyway as there intestines mature. He does spit up a lot and it's getting worse. She also wants us to start adding MCT oil to his bottles to give him extra calories. We started the bottles right away, but had to wait until Monday before we could get the oil. We did notice that he spit up a lot less with the bottle change. We have tried so many different bottles, it's crazy. In fact, we didn't get the oil until late Monday night, so when we went to see Dr. Seifert for his kidney on Tuesday he had only had a few doses. However at his weigh in he had gained 5oz since Thursday! That's 1oz/day! He has never done that, but he was a lot closer to that goal when he was smaller. The bottles are really helping him gain weight because he isn't spitting as much up. Kanaan had a renal ultrasound on Thursday and his kidneys are continuing to grow. They are far from normal, but they look better than they did when he was born. His labs are continuing to improve and/or remain stable, even with a formula change from newborn to infant this last month. Dr. Seifert was very impressed overall with how he's doing.

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