Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kanaan's Kronicles...9 Months!

Kanaan you are 9 months old! As of June 10th you are 16lbs 15oz and 27.5 inches. You wear 6-9 months clothes and 3-6 month shoes. You can still wear some 3-6 month clothes but I've packed most of them away. You wear size 3 in disposable diapers and are on the medium setting in our one-size cloth diapers. 

You go to bed at 7pm and will wake up anywhere between 7-9am. You take two 2 hour naps. 

You eat 3 meals and 4 bottles each day. You refuse to chew anything and gag and cough if I give you anything with too much texture. 

You started sitting up by yourself on May 25th and your second tooth came through on May 26th. You have your two bottom middle teeth now. 

Firsts this month: We moved! First memorial day

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