Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Eden's Edition ... 9 Month Update

Eden turned 9 months on 8/2/15.

She is 15lbs 10oz 28.5in.

Ignore me in the background. Getting pictures this month was quite the challenge.
She has 6 teeth, four on top and two on bottom.

She is a great eater and likes pretty much everything we give her. She tries to eat things we don't give her too ;)

She usually sleeps from 7ish until 8-9. A lot of time when I go into wake her up, she is already awake just playing in her crib, so I'm not sure when she usually wakes up.

She takes 1 nap around 12-2:30ish.

She is in 3-6m(6m) and some 9-12m(9m) clothes.

She is in size 3 disposable diapers and small rise cloth diapers.

I'm not sure about shoe size. We have some shoes that are 0-3m and some that are 3-6m that both fit her. I feel like they don't make baby shoes sizes very consistent, at least not in girl styles.

I started working 2 days a week this month, and she is doing great with a bottle while I'm gone. We are using the Dr. Brown's bottles, that we used with Kanaan.

She is always on the go, loves to explore, and follows Kanaan wherever he goes.

She takes her baths with Kanaan. This isn't really new this month, but she will cry in the tub and try to climb out unless he is in there with her. However she had her first experience swimming in a big pool this month and loved it. I put her in her floaty and she just kicked and traveled all over the pool. Kanaan was scared at first but then decided it would be ok to try it out since Eden was having so much fun.

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