Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Eden's Edition ... 10 Month Update!

Eden turned 10 months on 9/2/15!

She weighs 17lbs 2oz. She had a big growth spurt this month.

She has 6 teeth, 4 on top, 2 on bottom.

She wears size 6-9m(9m). She can still fit into her 3-6m(6m) summer stuff, but the pants are now capris. I will completely switch her clothes over to 9m once cooler weather hits for good.

In shoes she can wear some 0-3m, 3-6m, and I just had to return some size 2 shoes and get size 3 for her because her toes were right at the end of the 2s. Typically size 3 are the same as 6-9m shoes.

She is in size 3 disposable diapers, and medium rise in cloth diapers.

She has started standing on her knees a lot this month.

She says Mama and Dada.

She goes to bed around 7 and will wake up around 8-9. Often I don't really know when she has woken up, because she will quietly play in her crib until I go in to get her out.

She eats pretty much everything we give her. She is constantly trying to eat the dog food, so we have to keep a close eye on her. My milk supply really dropped to almost nothing since I've gone back to work. So she is pretty much on formula all the time now. I have a little bit of milk still in the freezer for her to finish. We switched to the Playtex Nurser bottles. We had gotten a lot of them from yard sales before we had Kanaan and he could never figure out how to latch onto them. Eden would sometimes not really want the bottle when we used Dr. Brown's bottles, and I tried one of the Playtex ones, since we have liners to use and she took right to it. Also the breastmilk storage bags I used for breast milk fits in the bottles perfectly. So I can thaw the milk and then just put the bag right on the bottle instead of throwing away the milk bag and using a separate disposable liner for the bottle. I also have a lot of extra milk bags, so I try to use those instead of the liners for her formula when we are home. That way I don't have to buy the actual liners until I run out of the other bags.

She likes to go over to Kanaan's high chair, if he is eating and she isn't and will pull up to it, hoping he will give her something to eat. Most of the stuff he has in his high chair she can eat as well. However the other day I had them in the grocery cart. Kanaan was in the basket, and Eden was in the seat. While I was picking out bananas, Kanaan had given Eden a grape, I wouldn't have known, except I heard Kanaan say "Sissy Grapes" and turned around and her mouth was stuffed with them. I quickly scooped them out, so she wouldn't choke. After that I ended up grabbing one of those 2 layer smaller carts to put the food in and pulled it while I pushed the kids in the separate cart. Grapes are huge choking hazard for kids under 4-5 and need cut up into small pieces when served.

She really likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. If it comes on she will stop whatever she is doing and starting talking to the tv really loud. Her favorite is the theme song and ending song.

She moved to a convertible car seat this month. Her seat is the same one Kanaan has only in pink.

Aunt Kayla also gave her her first ponytail this month. She doesn't have much hair and it is super fine it kind of sticks up all over her head. You have to comb it immediately after her bath or it will dry where it is and be crazy. It dries super fast since it's so fine. If you put a bow in it, it will stay stuck up where the bow was until she has had a bath.

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