Saturday, December 5, 2015

Kanaan's Kronicles ... 2 years 3 months!

Kanaan turned 2 years 3 months on 12/4/15. 

Kanaan weighs 23lbs 0oz.

He is 33.25 inches tall. 

He wears size 18M clothes.

He is in size 5 shoes.

He wears Large rise in cloth diapers. 

He wears size 3 disposable diapers.

His favorite toy is his "Emament". He started sleeping with it when I was in the hospital having Eden and has been attached to it ever since. 

He loves to read books and do puzzles. 

He recognizes and names numbers 0-10.

He knows all of his colors.

He knows his shapes

His favorite song is "Happy Birthday To You"

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