Friday, March 11, 2016

Kanaan's Kronicles ... 2 Year 6 Month Update!

This boy is a hoot! He cracks us up daily. 

Kanaan is 24lbs 0oz and 33.5in.

He is wearing 18 month clothes, although some of the 18m pants are getting too short. 24M clothes are way too big, and 18m pants still fall off him. (evidence is in the pictures at the end of the post)

Kanaan can identify and name most of the alphabet. He also knows what letters some words start with. For instance "A is for Abby, K is for Kanaan, W is for Water, X is for Xylophone" those are the ones he always knows for sure. 

He can count to 20. He gets 1-10 right every time, but will occasionally skip a few numbers from 10-20. 

He loves singing the alphabet song, and requests Mama to sing it several times a day. I occasionally have caught him singing it, but I can't get him to sing it when asked. 

He loves reading books, doing puzzles, and coloring.

He wears size 5 shoes. 

He is in size 4 diapers(for absorbency), although they sometimes will fall off his butt. Size 3's did the same though.

He's in Large rise in cloth diapers. 

His favorite foods are fruits, veggies (except green beans) and bread.

He talks nonstop. 

He has such a good memory. He will remember stuff from months ago!

Before he goes to bed he wants a "Kanaan Sissy Samwich Squeeze". Basically it started every night before we put Kanaan to bed, Andy or I would hold him and we would hug with him in the middle. I always called it a Kanaan Sandwich and Andy called it a Kanaan Squeeze. Well now if we call it one or the other, he will ask for the other too. Plus he always wants Eden involved too. So now Andy holds Kanaan, I hold Eden, and we hug, while we say "Kanaan and Sissy Sandwich Squeeze".

He loves Eden so much and will cry if he wakes up before her and we don't get her up right away.

His favorite show is "Brainy Baby". Every morning when he wakes up he comes into Andy and my room and asks for "Brainy Baby". He always wants to watch it on our bed. Apparently it's better in our room than in the living room. 

He still likes Mickey, Sesame Street, Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol. He recently has been asking to watch Henry Hugglemonster too. 

He wanted to "hold the wall" in this picture. I have no idea where that came from but we went with it. 
This time he was really into getting his pictures taken. He wanted to "take pictures with numbers and chair" lol. 

He has one of the Llama Llama books almost completely memorized. 

He loves to sing almost any song. His favorites on the radio are "Sound of the Saints" by Audio Adrenaline and "If  We're Honest" by Francesca Battistelli. (click the song names to hear them)

He likes to watch "Will and Zoe" AKA "The Little Couple"

He loves "Padeki"(Spaghetti)

Ooops.. His pants fell off!

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