Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Eden's Edition...2 Year Update!

On November 2, Eden turned 2 years old!!

Eden weighs 24lbs 8oz and is 33in tall. 

She can sing the ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jesus Loves Me, and Happy Birthday. 

She is no longer in a crib, and is doing well in her "big girl" bed. She does go into Kanaan's room when she wakes up. 

Eden is wearing 24M/2T clothes and size 6 shoes. She wears size 4 disposable diapers and Large rise in cloth diapers. 

If we ask her if she is a cutie pie she says "No, Tootie Pie" it's so cute. 

Everything is "My do it" 

Some of her favorite things are "Hair Bears"(Care Bears), Paw Patrol, and Doc McStuffins. 

She is full of attitude and sass. She has two care bears that talk "Grumpy Bear" and "Cheer Bear" I told Andy her Care Bears match her 2 mood options. She is usually one or the other. If she's particularly grumpy, food or sleep usually makes it better. 

She likes to have her hair done and a bow put in. Although she usually takes the bow out in the car if we go anywhere. 

She can undress and dress herself. Often, when I go in to get her up from nap, she has her shirt on backwards or pants inside out. She also will take off her diaper. 

For her birthday she got a grocery cart and she calls it her "car seat". 

She loves Pogo a ton. Pogo mostly just tries to stay as far away from her as possible, unless she is eating. But, she is learning to sit still and pet Pogo, so he is beginning to tolerate her. 

Kanaan is her best friend. They are inseparable. If she falls out of her bed she cries "see Kanaan" and will run to his room instead of ours. I had to take Kanaan to a doctor appointment and she stayed with Andy. We were gone for about 4 hours and they both laughed and hugged for about 5 minutes as soon as we got home. 

I bought a new candle this month and set it on the counter to light later. The next day I couldn't find it and I searched all over. The next day I found it in the bottom of the trash can with bite marks out of it. Apparently, Eden must have smelled it and thought it would taste good. Took a bite out of it, decided it was bad and then threw it away. Now when she see it she says "Mommy's candle right there. Don't eat Mommy's candle, it's yucky. Mommy's candle gets hot"

She has 3 pairs of shoes she prefers to wear, gold sparkly flats, Pink and silver sparkly flats, or black boots with sparkly bows on them. Sometimes when I put her tennis shoes on she will take them off and put on one of the other pairs. Then she cries and cries when I have to switch them back. 

Andy broke his foot, so she is obsessed with owies right now. Several times a day she says "Daddy hurt his feet" "Daddy has owie on his feet" She also claims she has an owie on her finger all the time. Nothing is wrong with her finger, she just wants you to kiss it. 

She is such a firecracker and we love her so much. I can't believe we've had this spunky, fiesty girl for 2 years now!

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