Thursday, February 2, 2017

Eden's Edition...2 years 3 months!

Eden turned 2 years 3 months on 2/2/17. I thought I had posted about it, but I guess not.

She is 25 pounds and 34 inches tall.

Her name should be "miss independent" because she wants to do everything by herself.

We discovered that she knows how to get water and ice from the fridge dispenser.

She is wearing 24M/2T clothes and size 6 shoes.

She wears size 4 disposable diapers, but has been showing interest in potty training.

Eden always wants to "brush your hair" to anyone who happens to be here.

She can dress and undress herself.

I had a memory card go bad, so these are the only pictures from her 2 year 3 month photo shoot that I have.

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