Tuesday, January 10, 2012

52 Weeks To A Better Me - Week #2...Cleaning Schedule

This week's project is a Cleaning Schedule/Routine! If you know me in person you know that cleaning is not one of my favorite things to do. Since it's low on my totem pole of fun, I usually put it off until the room is disastrous and overwhelming, the problem with this is that when I finally do get to cleaning it's a huge job that I dread even more. My solution: A Cleaning Schedule. I've broken it down into Daily tasks with Weekly and Monthly zones. Now that I have a plan and outline, I'm actually excited to get started with it! I can hardly believe those words came from my brain! I really think that by staying on top of it, everything will seem like less of a chore.

My schedule overview is based on zones. Each day I do everything on my daily list, and focus on the "zone of the Day" and each week focus on the "Zone of the Week" They follow the same order 1. Kitchen/Dining; 2.Living Room/Foyer; 3. Laundry Room/Closets; 4. Bedroom/Bathroom; 5. Upstairs/Office. For the Daily Zone I just complete all the tasks for the day working until everything is done off my list. For the weekly zone I work 15-30 minutes each day to complete 1 or 2 tasks on my weekly list.

This is the detailed list of tasks:

I. Daily
  A. Each Morning
      1. Start (and complete throughout the day) 1 load of laundry
      2. Make Bed
  B. Before Bed
      1. Kitchen
         a. Have an empty sink & Clean dishes
         b. Wipe off counters
         c. Fill water pitchers
         d. Set out fresh towel & dish cloth
      2. Living Room
         a. Fold blankets
         b. Put away couch table
         c. Pick up shoes
         d. Straighten Pogo's toys
      3. Bathroom
         a. Clear off counter
         b. Gather towels & washcloths for laundry
         c. Set out a fresh hand towel
      4. Bedroom
         a. Put away clean laundry

II. Weekly
   A. Monday
     1. Kitchen/Dining Area
        a. Sweep & Mop Floors
        b. Empty Fridge
        c. Clean microwave
        d. Clean garbage disposal
        e. Take out trash
  B. Tuesday
    1. Living Room
       a. Wash Blankets
       b. Sweep & Mop Floors
       c. Put Away Coats
       d. Straighten Entertainment Center
  C. Wednesday
    1. Laundry Room
       a. Sweep & Mop floors
       b. Take out laundry trash if needed
       c. Straighten laundry supplies
       d. Check (and clean if needed) Turtles
    2. Closets
       a. Straighten
 D. Thursday
    1. Bedroom
       a. Change Sheets
       b. Sweep & Mop Floors
       c. Empty Trash
       d. Put away any clutter
    2. Bathroom
        a. Sweep & Mop Floors
        b. Clean Tub & Shower
        c. Clean Toilet
        d. Clean Sink
        e. Wipe Mirrors
        f. Empty Trash
  E. Friday
    1. Upstairs
       a. Straighten Pogo's Toys
       b. Fold Blankets
       c. Straighten "areas"
       d. Vacuum Carpet
     2. Office
       a. Empty Trash
       b. Empty Shredder
       c. File Papers
       d. Clear Desk

III. Monthly - 15-30 minutes each day
  A. Week One
    1. Kitchen/Dining Area
      a. Clean Oven & Stove
      b. Wash Rugs
      c. Straighten Cabinets
      d. Clean Dishwasher
      e. Wash Windows
  B. Week Two
    1. Living Room
      a. Dust
      b. Wash Pogo's Blankets/Toys/Clothes
      c. Wash Windows
      d. Dust Ceiling Fan
    2. Foyer
      a. Wash Windows
      b. Dust Cabinet
  C. Week Three
     1. Laundry Room
        a. Refill Detergents
        b. Take Inventory
        c. Wash Windows
        d. Dust Ceiling Fan
     2. Closets
         a. Straighten
         b. Take inventory if needed
  D. Week Four
     1. Bedrooms
        a. Wash Comforter
        b. Wash Windows
        c. Straighten Closet
        d. Dust Ceiling Fan
      2. Bathroom
        a. Wash Shower Curtain
        b. Straighten Cabinet
        c. Wash Rug
        d. Drain Cleaner
  E. Week Five
     1. Upstairs
        a. Dust Ceiling Fan
        b. Wash Windows
        c. Wash Blankets
        d. Sweep Steps
     2. Office
        a. Straighten Shelves
        b. Clean Desk

     Obviously, this list may not include everything and if something needs done that's not in the daily or weekly zone I will go ahead and do it. Hopefully this schedule should help me stay on top of everything to make it less of a chore each time.    

What is your cleaning routine like?

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  1. I love this! So much detail - but I'm a detail person, too. I made myself a fresh weekly cleaning rotation a couple weeks ago, which has been helpful! Hope you're doing well with following through. I know I love schedule making more than schedule following sometimes. :)