Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2 Month Anniversary!

Today is Andrew and my 2 month anniversary. I thought it was the perfect time to share with you how we met.

I had been on eHarmony for a little over 3 years. I met someone right away and it ended up being a bad relationship, we broke up about a year later. Over the next two years I talked to a few guys here and there, but never actually met someone. Right before Christmas I started talking to a guy and met him for supper. Things were going well or so I thought until a few days before Christmas when he emailed and told me it wouldn't work out. About a week later another guy and I started talking and made plans to meet up. Everything was going well, then a few days before our date, he called and said it wasn't going to work out. I was pretty upset, this was the second time this had happened in 2 weeks! I decided then that I wasn't looking for anyone else and really wasn't interested in finding anybody.

My sister had convinced me to join christianmingle in early December. I hadn't really done anything at all with it. I got the emails everyday saying "here are your new matches" but I just deleted them. I wasn't really interested at all in finding anyone. One week in late January/early February christianmingle was mentioned to me by 3 different people (who didn't know I was on it), then I saw a commercial about it too. I thought "maybe someone is trying to tell me something" I decided to log on and see what it was about it.

I searched my matches and came across a few profiles I liked. I sent "smiles" which is like a hi to a few guys. One of them being Andrew. I also decided to go ahead and subscribe for a month, but didn't really expect anything to happen because of it. Later that night I got a christianmingle message from Andrew asking if I'd like to chat(IM) on christian mingle. We started chatting and 3 hours later realized we both only had a few hours to sleep before church, so we exchanged numbers and went to bed. The next day we spent the day texting each other and then finally talked on the phone that night. We ended up talking for another 3 hours. We continued to text and talk throughout the week and met the next Friday night. We hit it off immediately. Neither of us were even nervous on our date because we felt like we already knew each other. We were both about ready to give up on finding anyone and feel incredibly blessed that God brought each other into our lives. In the past two months we've gotten to know and love each other and our families. If I could create my perfect match, I wouldn't be able to make as good a match for me as Andrew is.

This is our first picture together, taken at our Valentine's Day celebration.

Sometimes the best things in life come when you least expect them!

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