Saturday, January 5, 2013

Homemade Beeswax Lotion Update!

My skin has been so dry this winter. Well actually it is every winter, but I used the last of my homemade beeswax lotion and misplaced my beeswax in the move. I haven't had a chance to make a sugar scrub again and my skin has been suffering terribly. I finally ordered more beeswax online and it came in Wednesday. I received some essential oils for Christmas and also ordered more along with the wax. I made a new batch of lotion as soon as I opened my packages. In this batch I made it as directed in my original post and added a mix of lavender and tea tree essential oils to it, both are supposed to be very beneficial to your skin. I typically do not like lavender scented things but the lavender essential oil smells different and good, I think because it is more natural than the perfumy lavender. The tea tree oil is a kind of odd smell and pretty much covers up the lavender smell. I slathered it on the night I made it and, like every time I make it, I was amazed in the difference in my skin when I woke up the next day. Has anyone else tried it?

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