Monday, May 20, 2013

Baby Update!

On Wednesday 5/15/13, we went in for our mid pregnancy ultrasound and appointment. We were hoping to find out if Baby K is a boy or girl. Unfortunately we were not able to tell if we were having a boy or girl. At our doctor appointment directly after the ultrasound, the Doctor K told us that the baby had a cyst on the back of the neck, and my amniotic fluid was low. She was concerned that the combination of the two meant there was a chromosomal abnormality with the baby. She specifically mentioned Edward's Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Turner Syndrome and Trisomy 13. She sent us to Springfield to see a specialist to get a better look, as they have a better ultrasound. At that point Andy and I were praying that the diagnosis would be Down Syndrome, as the rate of the baby surviving past birth were much better than most of the others.

On Friday 5/17/13, we went to Springfield to meet with the Genetics Counselor and Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist. Mary and Alan, Andy's parents went along with us for moral support. The genetics counselor gave us an idea of what the ultrasonographer would look at for each of the syndromes and advised that to know for sure what was going on, we would need to have an amniocentesis. With the fluid levels being low we were not sure if we would have enough to do the test. The counselor stated that with Edward's syndrome, Turner Syndrome and Trisomy 13 the baby would most likely have some physical deformity, if the baby had none chances were good that the baby did not have one of those. There are also markers for Down Syndrome the ultrasound tech would look for as well. As far as Turner's syndrome, that is a syndrome that effects only girls. It is when the baby only has 1 x chromosome instead of 2. So if the baby was a boy that one is also out. She said with Edwards syndrome the baby also has problems opening their hand so if the hand is in a fist the whole hour long ultrasound then that would be of concern, but if we saw the hand open, chances would be good the baby did not have that. She even said our fluid may not be low at all, if they were not able to get a good picture. She said that if there was no fluid at all they would induce me right away and we would deliver the baby, as it would not make it. We left there feeling better about what may be going on with our baby as we had more information and questions asked.

Next we had our long ultrasound. We saw the baby's hands wide open so we knew the baby probably did not have Edwards Syndrome. Praise the Lord! We asked the tech if she had a hint of what the baby was. She said she thought she saw some boy bits, but wasn't sure. She checked again after the ultrasound was basically over and was able to get a good shot, however the shot was trying to be blocked by a tiny hand being modest. She was however able to tell that we are having a little boy!!! His name is Kanaan Lee King! The ultrasound tech also confirmed what our first ultrasound stated that he is a little bigger than average. She said he was a little over 1lb, which was good news because a lot of the syndromes and low fluid can cause smaller babies. The fact that we were having a boy eliminated Turner Syndrome and his open hands eliminated Edwards Syndrome. We really didn't know how the ultrasound came out as we aren't really sure what measurements are normal/what we were looking at and what they should look like. The ultrasound, even though it was a high resolution, it still was not very clear.

After the ultrasound our Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist (MFM) Dr. T came in and gave us the findings. She stated that Kanaan looked great and had no abnormalities or markers that would indicate a chromosomal condition. No cyst. She did say that my amniotic fluid was very low. Low amniotic fluid is called Olighydramnios It should be at 20cm and mine was at 1. She said the main causes for low fluid would be the problems with the baby's kidneys, a chromosomal abnormality, the placenta not being healthy, or that I broke my water and was leaking fluid. She said Kanaan was fine, that knocked out the first 2 options. She also said my placenta looked good and was working properly as well. That left that I may be leaking fluid. She said that since the fluid was so low it can cause major problems for Kanaan. The most dire being that he may lay on the cord and without the fluid cushioning it he could cut off his oxygen supply making his heart rate drop. If he doesn't move he could die. Also it can cause his lungs to not mature and develop correctly. Baby's in the womb drink the fluid and doing that develops their lungs. Even if Kanaan, survives the pregnancy without laying on the cord, he could have breathing problems due to his lungs not developing as well. Also he could have some muscle tightness and may need physical therapy to retrain his muscles to straighten out as he does not have as much room to move around and stretch with less fluid. She said that if I'm not leaking any fluid, it may just be a rarity, but her guess was that I am leaking it and that is why it is so low since everything else checked out. What the plan of action is that once we decide that the risk of the Kanaan having major long term effects of being born very prematurely out weigh the risk of him dying in utero before we have a chance to deliver him, we will be admitted to Springfield to be observed. Once his heart rate drops and doesn't come back up immediately they will deliver him then. At this point we are at 21w6d, they are not going to admit me now because he wouldn't make it if they had to deliver anyway. We need to get to 24 weeks in order for Kanaan to have a chance of surviving, at that point he will have a 50% chance of surviving, but will most likely have permanent life long struggles and complications due to being born so early if he does survive. She wanted me to leave work and just stay at home to rest, but said that since I sit all day and just answer the phones that I can continue to work.

After we spoke with Dr. T she sent us down to labor and delivery triage to check if my fluid is leaking. The test came back negative, so at this point I am not leaking any fluid, it just seems to be very low. Dr. K said that drinking more water and rest can help fluid levels raise, however Dr. T said it would not help. Dr T said that if the low fluid is due to the placenta it may help but if I'm leaking it won't. Well since I'm not leaking and everything I looked at online support the rest and water intake theory, I've basically put myself on "bedrest" and am drinking as much as I can to help. I figure drinking more water certainly can't hurt anything and if I were in the hospital I'd basically be on bed rest.

 Andy and I have to decide when I will be admitted, at this point we have not decided. We are praying that the fluid increases on it's own and I'm able to put off being admitted for a few more weeks, if not altogether. We will probably see what the report is next time and decide then. We go back to Springfield on 5/31/13 to have another ultrasound and meet with Dr. T. We will also meet with the Neonatologist to go over what we can expect if Kanaan is born within the next few weeks. At that time we will be 23w3d, so still a few days from viability for Kanaan. I do have several pictures to add but will do that when Andy is home to run back and forth to the scanner for me.  Please be praying for our sweet baby, that he be safe inside me until he can safely be born, as well as my fluid increasing so that we will not be forced to deliver him too early. Also since I'm currently working as a temporary employee, there is a good chance that once I have to be admitted I will lose my job. Kanaan's safety is our main concern, but me being 2 hours away from family and Andy and with only 1 income and a hefty hospital bill it will not be ideal.

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