Friday, October 11, 2013

Kanaan's Kidney Update

On September 25th we went back to Springfield for Kanaan's nephrology appointment. His appointment went really well. He weighed 8lbs 6oz and was 20 1/2inches long. His labs look good. They were a little better overall than when we left the hospital. His creatinine level was down to 2.0, which is still very elevated, but is an improvement! His calcium level was slightly elevated, but nothing that was too high. However, since he is gaining weight well, the doctor decided we can discontinue fortifying his breastmilk and he can get the formula made as directed instead of extra concentrated. He also said once we run out of the Enfacare formula we can give him Enfamil Newborn. That is a relief because Enfacare is much more expensive than the regular newborn formula and you can only get it with a doctors order. That should help his calcium level because he is getting less calcium in each bottle. He also said instead of the sodium chloride, we can just give him 1/8th tsp of table salt per day. Which is so much easier, in order to give him the correct amount of sodium chloride we would take a 1 gram tablet of sodium chloride and crush it and dissolve it in 10ml of water. Then we would draw up 0.88ml in a syringe to give to him. Now we can just put the salt in one of his bottles each day. He said that we can get a weight check and labs drawn in Quincy once a week and have the labs sent to him and he would call with any changes to his care.

Dr. Seifert's nurse called on 10/10/13 saying that Kanaan's latest labwork looks great! Everything is better than it was the last time, and his Creatinine level is at 1.5 now! She said that since his levels have been so stable that we can skip labwork next week and just do them every other week now! Yay! I hate seeing them stick Kanaan's little arm trying to get blood. This week they had to stick both arms because they couldn't get it in the first arm. :( She said that if his level stay stable/improving for a month we could drop to monthly labs. We go back to Dr. Seifert on October 30th for a follow up.

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