Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kanaan's Kronicles...Newborn!

I wanted to do a newborn post on Kanaan before I post his 1 month post, so this is like a flashback post. Kanaan came home from the hospital on September 15th at 11 days old. He had gotten down to 7lbs 3oz at his smallest and was 7lbs 6oz when we came home. He was on a great schedule from being in the NICU, once we were at home he has been pretty consistant on staying on it and sleeps pretty well at night. He will wake up every 3-4 hours and go right back to sleep. He hardly every cries unless he's hungry or just wants to be left alone. He likes his pacifier when he is going to sleep or is hungry and waiting for his milk to heat up.  He gets breastmilk fortified with Enfamil Enfacare or Enfacare made concentrated to make it 24 calories to help him gain weight. We really have to work with him to keep him awake to eat his whole bottle, of course once the bottle is gone he's wide awake. He gets 3.5ml of BiCitra twice a day and .88ml of Sodium Chloride every 6 hours in his milk. We put the medicine in a bottle with a little bit of milk. We give him that bottle first, while he's really hungry because he is so hungry that he doesn't notice the taste as much. If we put it in his whole bottle he won't eat the whole thing and then doesn't get the whole dose. Even with giving him the medicine bottle first he will still fight it at times and we have have to give him a few sucks of regular milk and then swap the bottle back to the medicine and back and forth. He wears newborn clothes and is in size newborn diapers, he drinks about 70ml of milk in each bottle.

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