Monday, August 8, 2016

Eden's Edition ... 21 Month Update!

Eden turned 21 months on 8/2/16. 

She is 23 pounds 6 ounces and 31.5 inches long.  She wears 18M clothes and size 4 shoes. She's in size 3 diapers.

She sings ABCs, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. 

She repeats everything we say, so there is no possible way to count how many words she says. 

She can put her sandals on by herself.

When it's time for bed she will say "Rock a Eden" meaning she wants us to sing Rockabye Eden and then when we get to the cradle will fall part, we drop her (like 2 inches) into her crib. 

She sleeps with a small cabbage patch baby that is wearing a ladybug costume, a crocheted bunny blanket buddy I made, a blanket and a cup of water. She must have everything in her hands before we leave the room. 

Often in the grocery store she sits in the seat of the cart and will say "Hug and Kiss" and then procede to repeatedly kiss me and hug me around the neck. It is incredibly adorable, however it does make shopping rather difficult. 

She loves Pogo. She will chase him around trying to give him toys. She also thinks it's her job to tell him when he needs to go to his crate. He disagrees. 

She loves Kitties too. She will always try to chase the Kitty at Grandma King's when she's there. She can say kitty, but usually calls them "meow".

She loves animals, but gets a little afraid of them when they move.

She loves fruit and will eat pretty much every kind she tries. 

She is full of Sass and Attitude.

This is a conversation we had last week: E- More juice
B- No you had enough juice, you can have some milk if you want
B- I know what you said, Mama said no, you may have milk or water. 

Sometimes she just randomly puts "I said" after words, even if she isn't being sassy. 

She will steal fruit off Kanaan's plate during meals and eat it, so that she still has a full serving on her plate to eat as well. 

She runs, climbs, and goes up and down stairs.

She thinks she can do whatever Kanaan can. 

She loves to read books

She also loves to play with Dolls. She has a baby that will suck on a bottle and then cry when you take the bottle away. One day she was pushing her baby in her stroller and she stopped and gave it a bottle, then when it cried she turned on the music stroller toy, and kept walking. 

She thinks water always tastes better out of her brother's cups.

She loves to watch "Bob and Larry" (Veggie Tales) 

When VeggieTales comes on she says "Broccoby, Gotta Be Veggie tales" Part of the song lyrics. 

If she finds the remote she will bring it to me. Even if Andy is watching tv and I'm in the kitchen. 

She always wants a "Namich" (Sandwich)

When it's time to go anywhere we can never find 2 shoes of the same pair because she randomly carries them off somewhere. 

She knows how to completely undress and take off her diaper. She is sometimes naked when I go get her out of her crib in the mornings or at naptime. 

Love you baby girl!! I can't believe you are almost 2 years old already!

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