Saturday, September 10, 2016

Kanaan's Kronicles ... 3 Years Old!

Kanaan turned 3 years old on 9/4/16. How is he 3 years old already?!

He weighs 25lbs 8oz and is 34 inches long. 

He wears 24M and 2T clothes, although the pants fall off him, he needs them for length. In shorts he can wear 12M or 18M perfectly. 

He wears size 5 shoes. 

Kanaan is in size 4 diapers.

He loves to sing: "Happy Birthday", "Farmer in the Dell", "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", and "ABC" are his go to songs. 

He now has a radio in his room, that he likes to turn on and off, throughout the day. 

He really likes Sesame Street, Veggie Tales, and Paw Patrol. Although he doesn't really watch Paw Patrol he like Paw Patrol themed stuff. 

Sometimes when he does something he will tell himself "Good Job doing it yourself" LOL. 

He can spell his name verbally. 

Some of my favorite "Kanaan Phrases" are: chicken for Kitchen.  being "too heavy" He will say I too heavy to reach it, or he's too heavy to get on something. He adds Probby for probably to things, he said "you probby a boy mommy" I said " I'm probably not a boy" He said "you Probby are a boy mommy" (He knows the difference between boys and girls, and knows that he and Dad are boys and Eden and I are girls). Sometimes if I tell him no for something he will say "you DO want ..." He will sometimes refer to himself as you or sometimes I. He also says "to later" instead of later, because you know we have today, tonight, tomorrow and he thinks it's tolater. 

He thinks anything pink or purple is automatically Sissy's. 

He is doing good with working on using a fork and spoon to eat, but he still uses his hands a lot. He also rubs his legs and feet while eating so he is usually covered head to toe in food after he eats. 

He has graduated from Physical Therapy, and can now jump and run. He keeps getting better at it. 

He loves to do puzzles and read books. 

"Llama Llama" books are his favorite. 

We switched him to a toddler bed the day after his birthday. He wanted the rail back on his crib at first, but then was ok in the "toddler bed". He fell off once the first night and hasn't since. He also will not get out of his bed, until we come in to get him out. 

He likes to stack the canned goods, and knows what most of them are. (We still don't have doors on the cabinets so he reaches them easily.)

He can go up and down the small slide we have at home, but otherwise he doesn't like other playground equipment, like swings or bigger slides. 

He talks constantly, I mean really non stop. 

Eden is his best friend, and he is lost if they aren't together. 

He is very excited about being 3 and thinks Eden is automatically 2 now. 

He still doesn't like loud noises, but is getting better. He will tolerate me using the mixer, but is still afraid of the vacuum. 

We love you so much Kanaan, and can't believe you are already 3!

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