Monday, August 8, 2011

WW Week 25 Update!

I have overcome my plateau!!!! I lost 5 pounds this week!!!!!! I'm so excited. I didn't really do anything different, so I'm not sure what happened but I'm glad it did. I got another "+5 pounds" award! I am now on the next level down of points I can eat. YAY! I get 37 points per day to eat now along with 49 extra weekly points. When I workout I also get activity points which I can eat or not. They want you to eat all of your daily points, because if you don't eat enough your body holds onto the fat stores, but the weekly points you could either eat or not. Once you eat your daily points they start subtracting from your weekly points. I usually don't eat many of my weekly points at all. I think I only ate 10 of them last week and the majority of that was on the weekend. I hope I continue in this direction for the next several weeks (although I know I probably won't lose 5 pounds each week). I am pretty short on funds at the moment so I'm not sure what to do for my "5lb Challenge" reward, anyone have any ideas? Sunday is my 6 month mark on weight watchers! I will be sure to get a picture this month! I can't believe it's been half a year!

P.S. I walk/jogged once this week in addition to 3 zumba classes.

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