Friday, July 19, 2013

30 Week Growth Check Ultrasound and Coming HOME!

On Wednesday 7/17/13 we had our growth check ultrasound. They measure his growth every 4 weeks. He was head down again YAY!!! The fluid was at 4.97 so they are rounding up to 5!!!!!!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!!! Kanaan is measuring at 3lbs 14oz, which is a couple weeks ahead of his age. I was born at 35 weeks and only weighed 4lbs 10oz, according to the chart I found I was slightly smaller than average, but still he's only a little over half pound less than I was at 5 weeks later. If he keeps at it I'm going to have a HUGE baby!!! We tried to do a 3D ultrasound to see what he looked like, but with the low fluid and his position we couldn't get one. I'm so excited about today's news!!!! God is so GOOD! Keep praying, as we are still very low on fluid, but are slowly getting out of the danger zone for cord compression. We won't know anything about his lungs at all until he is born, but the doctor did indicate that his kidneys must be starting to work better and that's why the fluid is starting to go up. The doctor said that once the fluid gets to 5 or higher that the risk of compression drops. He said that since Kanaan has never shown signs of distress, even when the fluid was much lower, that he feels it would be ok for us to go home.

I got home last night 7/18/13 around 9pm. I will go in to the hospital in Quincy twice a week for a NST (Non Stress Test) and have an ultrasound to check the fluid, as well as seeing my regular OB once a week. The specialists from Springfield are in Quincy once a week so they will be checking in with Dr. K here as well. If they find anything concerning during any of the tests I will be transported back to Springfield. I will see Dr. A from Springfield on August 8th for another growth ultrasound. I'm on modified bed rest and have to do kick counts twice a day. I will also be checking my blood sugar 4 times and giving myself 5 insulin shots each day. I will still be on the same meal/snack schedule as I was in the hospital. I'm still pretty tired because I have to wake up early for breakfast and stay up late for night time snack. I try to take naps between meals but I have to check my blood sugar 2 hours after I eat and give my insulin shot to myself 30ish minutes before I eat, which doesn't leave a very good stretch to nap. So my days consist of poking myself with needles, eating and sleeping, basically the same as the hospital, but it's so nice to be home with Andy and Pogo.

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  1. Glad you are home and things are looking better :-)
    Barb Winters