Monday, July 29, 2013

Kanaan 31ish week updates

Now that we are home I go to the local hospital on Monday and Thursday for ultrasounds (biophysical profiles) and NSTs and see my doctor after that on Mondays. I've decided to call these weekish posts because I turn weeks on Tuesday, but it's easier to keep track of updates in the same calendar week. So technically I was 30w6d on Monday not 31weeks, hense the ish.  During the biophysical profile Kanaan is scored on a point system. He gets 2 points for each area they are looking for to reach a total of 8. They are looking for: Movement- he has to make a series of movements to pass. Tone- they are looking at his muscle tone when he moves. Fluid- they are measuring his fluid. Breathing- he has to do a series of practice breathing.

Monday 7/22/13 Kanaan was head down and his fluid was still at 5. He scored a 6/8 on his BPP because he did not practice breathe. Practice breathing does not mean his lungs will be able to support him, it's a reflex type thing babies do. This does not mean anything about if he will be able to survive birth. His NST looked great as normal.

Thursday 7/25/13 Kanaan is still head down!!!! That's the way we want him to stay. He got an 8/8 because he met all the requirements and his fluid is at 6.91. That is considered normal fluid level! It barely meets normal range but we'll take what we can get. NST was perfect as usual.

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