Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kanaan 32ish Week Updates and Prayer Requests.

We're still plugging away at home on modified bed rest. On 7/29/13 Kanaan was still in the vertex position and the fluid was at 8.8cm. The doctor lumps the BPP(Biophysical Profile) ultrasound scores and the NST scores together to make a scale of 10. Remember Kanaan gets 2 points for each of the following, muscle tone, heart rate, movement, practice breathing, and 2 normal heart accelerations on the NST. He scored 10/10!! At my doctor appointment after the BPP my doctor said it was "the little kidney that could" lol. She asked what position he was in and I said he was still head down, she said "how in the world did he change positions every week with no fluid and now that it is in the normal range he is staying put?" I have no idea, but I'm happy he's staying head down. I ended up with a clogged milk duct, that was very painful, swollen and red, Dr K gave me 2 antibiotic shots and an oral antibiotic to take. If that doesn't clear it up I will need to have a surgeon cut it out. OUCH!!. It is still there and tender, but smaller, no longer red and the pain is much better. She also said my blood pressure was starting to creep up so if it is high again next week I will have to do a 24 hour urine collection. ICK. I really don't think it is high at all, it was fine at the hospital right before we got to the appointment and hasn't been remotely high during my hospital stay or any of the NSTs. I think it was just up a bit from rushing to the appointment.

On 7/30/13 I had to take off my wedding ring. They were getting too tight. I did get a vaccination shot in my left arm at my appointment on Monday so it may be swelling from that. My arm was extremely sore and I could hardly move it for several days. It is still a tad sore, but basically back to normal now. 

On 8/1/13 Kanaan was still vertex and fluid was at 9.1cm. He got 10/10 on BPP/NST.

  • Continue to pray that the fluid increases. We are in the normal range, but the low end of normal. We are about to the stage where fluid levels typically peak and then start to drop for normal pregnancies. Pray that it continues to increase and does not drop at all. 
  • Continue to pray that his lungs will be developed in order for him to survive after birth. Even though he does do practice breathing, that has no impact on whether his lung function will be able to support life after he is born. Nobody is really sure how/when the fluid-lung connection works, his increasing fluid now may be good for his lungs, but it may be too late and missed the time to build his lungs. We won't have any idea if his lungs will be developed at all until he is born. His lungs may be fine, he may need respiratory help, or they may be so underdeveloped there is nothing to be done and he won't make it longer than a few minutes. Even though the increased fluid reduces the chance of still birth, he is still at a great danger of not having the lung function to survive. We aren't out of the woods yet. 
  • Pray that the clogged milk duct clears up and I will not have to have surgery to remove it. 
  • Pray that my blood pressure is fine at my next appointment and continues to be so for the remainder of the pregnancy. 
  • Pray Kanaan continues to remain head down, so that I can have a chance at a natural delivery. I really do not want a c-section. 

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  1. Prayers for everything mentioned coming your way Brittany! Faith!