Saturday, August 17, 2013

Crock-pot Turkey

Around Thanksgiving, a local store had a coupon stating: Buy 1 ham and get 1 free turkey. We went ahead and took advantage of the deal even though we weren't hosting any holiday meal. I froze the turkey right away, and decided to go ahead and make it now to freeze and have on hand for after Kanaan is born. I don't have a roaster pan or a pan big enough for a turkey that goes in the oven, so I made it in the crock pot. I had an 11 pound turkey and used a 7qt crock pot.

Crock-Pot Turkey
Vegetable bouillon base
Chicken bouillon base
Olive oil
Poultry Seasoning

I didn't use any measurements and you can do this with what you have on hand. That just happened to be what I had on hand.

First I put enough water in the bottom of the crock pot to barely cover the bottom. Then added 1 teaspoon of vegetable broth base and 1 teaspoon of chicken broth base. Added some baby carrots, celery, and 1 onion cut into large pieces. I rinsed the turkey and removed the giblets and neck. Then rubbed olive oil and sprinkled and rubbed my poultry seasoning all over that side of the turkey. I put the breast side down on top of the veggies in the crock pot while I oiled and seasoned the other side. Then I put the lid on and let it cook on low 10-12 hours. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the cooked turkey. The skin did not get crispy like if you had cooked it in the oven, but I don't like the skin anyway so it didn't really matter to me. Also it doesn't hold together for a fancy presentation if you are going for that. For our family holidays we always take the meat off the bones before dinner so people can just grab the meat and go through the line, we have a big family. We ate some for supper, and I had some for lunch the next day, but I was still able to have 13 cups of shredded meat to freeze. I probably would have had more if I hadn't munched on it while I was measuring it out to freeze.

Chicken Bouillon I used
Vegetable Bouillon I used

veggies and liquid before I added turkey

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