Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kanaan 34ish Week Update

On 8/12/13 Kanaan got a 10/10 on his BPP/NST. The fluid was at 6.5cm. That doesn't mean that the fluid has  necessarily gone down, it could have been the way he was laying. Otherwise he was doing fine. The infected milk duct has come back and my OB Dr. K referred me to a general surgeon to have it looked at.

On 8/13/13 I met with the general surgeon Dr. P. He tried to remove the infection with a syringe, but that wasn't working, so he ended up having to cut it out. I was glad Andy was off work so he could take me and stay with. It was pretty painful, but is on the mend now. I go back next Tuesday for a follow up. Hopefully it's healing as it should and will not be an ongoing problem.

0n 8/15/13 Kanaan once again got a 10/10 on his BPP/NST. The fluid was at 10.3! If it's lower next Monday I won't be surprised, because he was curled up in a tight little ball so he wasn't really covering any of the pockets up.

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