Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kanaan 33 Week Updates

On Monday 8/5/13 at our BPP/NST Kanaan earned 10/10. His fluid was at 9.4 and he was still head down. My infected milk duct, was a lot better, still there but not red and much less painful. The ultrasound tech said she had never seen the fluid go up like this before, I mentioned that to Dr K and she said she's never seen anything like that either.

On Thursday 8/8/13 I met with Dr. A the MFM/specialist again. Kanaan's fluid was at 8.5, the doctor was not concerned about that as it could just be how he was lying. As long as his fluid is above 5 they aren't too concerned. Kanaan weighed 5lbs! I was born at 35 weeks and weighed 4lbs 10oz, he's already bigger than I was at 2 weeks later in the pregnancy. Dr A said "I'm really impressed with this kid". I will see Dr A on 8/29/13 for another growth check and he will check me at that time to see if I'm starting to dilate at all and schedule the induction for 37 weeks. He said if I'm my cervix is not favorable then I will go in 9/2/13 in the evening to get that ready before the induction on 9/3/13. If it is favorable then I won't have to be at the hospital until 9/3/13. He said he'd rather do a slow induction over a few days than try to rush it and need a c section. That makes me feel a lot better, I'd prefer to avoid a c section as much as possible. The induction dates are tentative at this point we will know an exact plan after the 29th.

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