Friday, March 18, 2011

Frugal Friday-Homemade Face Wash

I came across a recipe for homemade face wash on Money Saving Mom. It uses the Oil Cleansing Method I had not heard of that before yesterday but it looked intriguing. Basically store bought face washes completely strip your skin of all oils, which either completely dries it out or makes your skin produce way too much oil to compensate making you wash it more often. That makes the problem worse rather than better. Personally my skin is extremely dry, so much that I have red scaly patches that don't go away until humid summer time, no matter how much moisturizer I use. When I do put on moisturizer it burns my skin because of the dryness. There were several comments of people that had tried it and loved it, so I thought I would give it a try too! It's made up of two simple ingredients: Olive or Sunflower oil and Castor oil. I used Olive oil because that's what I had. You just mix different proportions depending on your skin type.

OILY: 3 parts Caster oil to 1 part Olive oil
NORMAL: 1 part Caster oil to 1 part Olive oil
DRY: 1 part Caster oil to 3 parts Olive oil

The Caster oil has cleansing and purifying properties in it.

I made some last night I used 1 tsp Caster oil to 1 Tbsp Olive oil and just filled a travel size bottle and shook it up together, so easy.

To Use:
1. Pour a quarter-size amount on your palm, rub your hands together, and slowly massage your face with your finger tips. Do not splash your face with water first, put it on your dry face. Work it into your face for about a minute. Don't scrub, just rub.
2.Wet a soft washcloth with hot water, (but not scalding), and put it over your face for about 1 minute or until it feels cool on your face.
3. Rinse and wring the washcloth and gently wipe off the oil.

I did it last night in the shower. It was very relaxing. My face felt a little oily right when i got out of the shower but with in 10 minutes, if even that, it just felt very smooth. Usually my face feels very tight and almost irritated from dryness after I shower, last night it felt refreshed and soft. I went to bed right away and when I woke up this morning I could immediately feel and see a difference in my skin. It is so soft and smooth and my dry patches are probably 50% better after just one use! I am totally sold on this and it's so economical to make! It cost me $5 for all the ingredients including the bottle to put it in! I love that its made from natural non-toxic ingredients, makes a lot for little money, and works better than anything I've ever bought from the store! You really only need to use it once a day and it is supposed to remove make up too(I wasn't wearing any so I can't weigh in on that). I even crocheted a cotton washcloth last night to use with it! It was so cool to be using a face wash I made in 5 minutes on a washcloth I made in 20 minutes and LOVE the results!

You must try it, if you don't like it you can always go back to your regular stuff, but I don't think you will want to!

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  1. I finally bought some castor oil and made this face wash. My face feels so soft, I keep touching it! It feels a little oily, but I think that is just because I am so used to it feeling dry and tight after washing my face. I can't wait to see the continued results!