Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weight Watchers Month 3 Update!

AS OF 5/14/11
Monthly Weight Loss: 1lb(only counting "new" pounds)
Total Weight Loss: 9lbs
Monthly Measurements: down 0.5"-2.5"
Total Measurements: down 0.5"-2.5"

The majority of this month was spent trying to lose old pounds, however I'm beginning to lose inches though! I'm not really sure how accurate the measurements are because I'm never exactly sure if I'm really in the same spot or not. I do try to get it as close as possible though. I had to get rid of a pair of capris and a shirt because they are too big!!! They were on the bigger end of my clothes anyway but its still exciting to say they are too big for me now. I actually haven't gotten rid of them yet, so if anyone wants/needs them they can have them. I am not keeping them "just in case" they are definitely going.

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