Friday, June 17, 2011

FLY BabyStep #6

Day 6 - Hot Spots

A Hot Spot is an area when left unattended will gradually take over. Like a hot spot in a forest fire. Clutter attracts clutter.

Set your timer to 2 minutes and work until the timer goes off. You don't have to completely clean the hot spot right now, just do 2 minutes then stop. Just get as much done as you can in that 2 minute time frame.

Our Routine So Far...
-Getting dressed to lace up your shoes.
-Keeping our sink shining.
-Going to Big Tent and reading messages(you can also get them emailed).
-Looking at our posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom.
-Recognizing the negative voices when you hear them and changing the words to be nice to you. That is what FLYing (Finally Loving Yourself is all about)

You've almost made it a week!

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