Sunday, June 19, 2011

FLY BabyStep #8

Day 8 - Get A 3 Ring Binder And Put Paper In It.

Find an old 3 ring binder and put paper in it. Then at the top of one page write Morning Routine and on the top of another page write Before Bed Routine, all in pencil. This is a working document, don't let your perfectionism get in the way of your progress. Now you can write your simple routines on each page.

Our Routine So Far...

 Morning Routine
-Get up and dressed to lace up shoes; fixing your hair and face.
-Looking at your posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom.
-Going to Big Tent and reading messages.
-Recognizing the negative voices and changing them: YOU ARE FLYing NOW!
-Put out your Hot Spots for 2 minutes.

Before Bed Routine
-Keep your sink shining
-Put out your Hot Spot for 2 minutes.
-Lay out your clothes for tomorrow.

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