Saturday, June 18, 2011

FLY BabyStep #7

Day 7 - Pick Out Your Clothes.

Today's habit adds to our before bed routine. Before you hop into bed; pick out what clothes you are going to wear tomorrow. You can lay them on a chair, or hook, or your closet door. This way if something needs ironed or is stained you can either choose something else or remedy it without making yourself late in the morning. Tomorrow morning all you will have to do to get ready is put on your clothes and fix your hair and face. You'll be surprised how much time you will have saved in the morning.

Our Routine So Far...
-Get Dressed To Shine Your Shoes
-Keeping Our Sink Shining.
-Go To Big Tent And Read Messages.
-Recognizing Negative Voices Change Them and FLY.
-Put Out Your Hot Spot for 2 minutes; just pick one.

We've made it a whole week! We're one quarter the way to creating our new routine habit!

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