Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Pumpkin!

Yesterday I did another super easy autumn decoration craft. A pumpkin made out of pumpkin seeds! Such a cute idea, I saw it on pinterest and had to make my own. The original was made with a piece of wood painted orange, I didn't have a piece of wood and didn't want to buy one just for this, so I made some changes.

Here's how I made it:

1. I cut a piece of orange scrapbook paper to fit an 8x10 frame I had. The paper looks solid on the photo, but it actually has some detail on it.

2.  I laid out my pumpkin seeds in the pattern I wanted. I just used a bag of salted roasted pumpkin seeds from the dollar store, I think you can even get them at the gas station. I bought 2 bags but only used 1/2 of one bag.

3. I picked up each seed and stuck a mini glue dot on the back, then placed it right back on the paper. That way I didn't lose my pattern.

4. Once I had the pumpkin stuck down I arranged some seeds to make a stem, then pushed each one onto a brown ink pad. I let them dry a few minutes before sticking them in place with glue dots.

5. My pumpkin was done! I layed the paper in the frame, secured the back and viola!

This craft cost me a total of $2 for the bag of pumpkin seeds. (well $4 if you count both bags I bought). I already had all of the other stuff at home! I love it! I'm just trying to find the perfect place to put it right now.

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