Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I'm Reading...The A.D. Chronicles Part 1

This series is set in Biblical times during the time Jesus was on Earth as a Man. It makes the stories found in the Gospels seem more personal. There are 12 books it will probably take me several posts to get through them all. The last one just came out in May, so I'm not sure if they are completely done with the series or if their will be more. The books reference the scriptures where you can find each "event" mentioned in the book and have a Bible Study in the back. I've read the first 3 and have not done any of the studies, but I may go back and do them. I've really enjoyed these books although they are pretty heavy, not a quick happy go lucky read. I read the first two a couple years ago and just finished the third.

Book 1 - Winner of the 2004 Logos Bookstore Award for Fiction

First Light (A. D. Chronicles, Book 1)
"Go back in time to first-century Jerusalem. It's a dark time in the world's holiest and most turbulent city. Walk with Peniel, the blind beggar who longs for rescue from his suffering. Peek into the lives of Susannah and Manaen, two lovers separated by overwhelming odds. And meet an unusual healer, who ignites a spark of controversy in the fire of hatred, deceit, and betrayal that is always burning in this ancient city. This first book in the A.D. Chronicles series will bring you face-to-face with the man called Yeshua."*

Book 2 - 2005 Gold Medallion Award finalist
Second Touch (A. D. Chronicles, Book 2)
"Be transported once again to the dark and tumultuous times of first-century Jerusalem. Return to the story of Peniel, who still longs for the connection of home and family. Meet new characters like Lily, Cantor, and Rabbi Ahava, who hold on to hope in spite of their devastating affliction of leprosy. This book's rich, vibrant imagery will draw readers to discover that we all need Yeshua's touch, not only on our bodies but on our souls."*

Book 3
Third Watch (A. D. Chronicles, Book 3)
"Journey back to first-century Jerusalem, a dark and hopeless time, when citizens are searching for their promised Messiah to return. Meet new characters Zahav, a Jewish woman who is very strong in her faith, and Alexander, a Greek with a past. Can their forbidden love endure the trials that face them? Will Susanna and Manaen's love be able to overcome bitterness and overwhelming odds? After seeing all that Yeshua has done for them, will the people believe he is the Messiah? What they choose to believe will change them all for eternity."*
These books made me really want to delve into the scriptures and re read the stories referenced. It makes it seem much more personal and alive.
*DISCLAIMER:  The words in italics and quotations are not my own words.

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