Saturday, November 12, 2011

What I'm Reading...Award Books!

The new children and teen's Reader's Choice Award books are out. My goal is to read them all by this time next year! They have 5 categories: Monarch (K-3rd), Blue Stem (3rd-5th), Rebecca Caudill (4th-8th), Abraham Lincoln Illinois High School Book Award Program and Read For A Lifetime are both for High School. I'm going to start with the Monarch list and read progressively through the categories. I plan to make a What I'm Reading Wednesday post each week to tell you about each book. I know that with the smaller books I will be able to read several in a week, but as I get harder ones their will be less each week to discuss. If you'd like to read these books or get them for your children you can pick up a list at you're local library.

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